Race Director:  $100-$200/day + travel expenses

If your team would needs a race director for that big race, hire a professional. Colin has years of experience as a UCI certified Director Sportif. He has experience at the Tour of Pennsylvania, the Tour de l'Abitibi, the biggest junior stage race in the world, the Philly Cycling Classic and numerous USA Cycling National Championships. Directors duties include putting together a race strategy that is specific to the race and the riders, conducting pre-race and post-race meetings, and driving a vehicle in the race caravan (if applicable)

Motorpacing: $50/hour

Motorpacing is one of the best ways to prepare for a big race. You can do intervals on your own but you won’t prepare yourself for the speed you will experience in racing. Fast group rides are great, but you are at the mercy of other riders. Motorpacing can be used to help improve your sprint, your leg speed and your threshold. It can be done as a workout by itself or at the end of a long ride. Colin is an experienced driver that can safely help you to get the best use of your motorpacing time. He can monitor your power, cadence and heart rate from the handlebars of the scooter and also record a video of your workout (if requested).

Lectures/Workshops: $100-$200 per day + travel expenses

Is your team looking for someone to help formulate your tactics for a big race? Does your bike shop want to host a lecture on the benefits of power meters? Do you want to have someone provide your employees with tips on commuting to work? Let us know and we can help. We will put together a presentation appropriate for your audience and your needs are greater than our expertise, we will find you the expert you need.