How to wash your bike

I was just going through the files on my computer and I realized that I had this video on bike cleaning that my intern, Zach Houlik helped me make last summer. This is an instructional video on basic bike cleaning, not an extreme bike cleaning/rebuild that may be necessary if your bike if you were riding in severe conditions. 


Required Tools

- Garden hose

- Bucket of soapy water

- Sponge

- Bike cleaning brushes

- Degreaser 

- Clean rag for drying bike

- Dirty rag for cleaning drivetrain parts

- Chain lube


Optional (but recommended) Tools

- Workstand

- Apron

- Chain cleaner

- Goof Off



Note: at the end of the video I say "Don't use WD40 to lube your bike" and I need to add a disclaimer. I was referring to basic WD40, not the excellent line of bike cleaning products that WD40 now makes. 

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. 

Colin Sandberg is the owner and head coach of Backbone Performance, LLC. He is a Cat. 1 road  racer, a USA Cycling Level II coach and a UCI Director Sportif. He is also head  coach at Young Medalists High Performance and race director for Team Young Medalists. If you have questions or comments, feel free to use the comments section or email us. Thanks for reading!